Estudos Clínicos

Laboratory46951. Are there evidence-based studies on the efficacy of the bioresonance method?

Brügemann, H.

REGUMED Institut für Regulative Medizin, 82166 Gräfelfing, RTI Volume 30, April 2006

– Ver Estudo –

2. The Clinical Results of BICOM® 2000 Bio-Resonance Device for Treatments of Allergic Diseases

Yuan Ze, Huang Jiali, Wang Haiyan and Yu Chunyan
(Department of Pediatrics of Xi’an Central Hospital, Xi’an)

– Ver Estudo –

3. Clinical Observations of 300 Children Suffering from Asthma Treated with BICOM® 2000 Bio-Resonance Device

Yang Jinzhi and Zhang Li
(The Asthma Research Center of Jinan Children’s Hospital)

– Ver Estudo –

4. Noteworthy Therapy Results In Chronic Inflamatory Bowel Diseases With The Aid Of Bicom® Bioresonance

Oesterle, R.

– Ver Estudo –


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